Tom Brady’s Cadillac Escalade Could Have Been Yours for Just $300,000

Not as Cool As Tom Brady's Escalade But Still Cool Escalade | ELCO Cadillac | Ballwin, MO

For the celebrity-obsessed, paying thousands of dollars for meet and greet tickets to shake hands and snap a photo with your idol for 30 seconds is well worth the cost. However, what kind of price tag does a super fan put on the opportunity to touch the same steering wheel and get road rage in the same spot as your favorite celeb? For devotees of legendary football player Tom Brady, the price of that experience is a mere $300,000.

Tom Brady, an avid car collector with a panoply of luxury vehicles in his sizeable garage, recently placed his 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV for sale at Becker Automotive Design. While the price might seem a bit steep considering you could buy three top-of-the-line next-generation 2021 Escalades for roughly the same price, this is no ordinary Escalade.

Tom Brady’s Escalade has just 13,000 miles, features custom rugs and interiors, electric reclining seats, a 32-inch television, and a lengthened frame for an extra spacious interior. Per Mr. Brady himself, “With such limited time in my busy schedule the ESV gave me those extra minutes to study my play book, make phone calls and be with my family.” Unfortunately for Tom Brady fanatics with $300,000 lying around, the Escalade in question has sold. Lucky for you, ELCO Cadillac has several brand-new Escalades in stock if you’re in the market.

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