Winter Driving Tips for Your Ballwin, MO Commute

Winter Driving

Whether you’re visiting friends or family for the holiday season or driving your daily commute to work, your time on wet, icy roads is as certain as you hitting the morning snooze. Stay safe this season and follow these winter driving tips.

Accelerate Slowly

If you are driving on snow and ice, one of the best ways to maintain traction between your car’s tires and the road is to accelerate slowly. Starting up quickly can cause your vehicle to slip, so give yourself some time to get up to speed gradually.

Leave Early

Leave early for work, appointments, and other engagements to give yourself extra time to adjust your driving to the weather conditions. Severe winter weather calls for slower driving, so take your time when you turn, start, and stop.

Stock Up On Gas

In cold weather, it’s important to keep the gas tank half full. A low fuel tank can cause the gas line to freeze up.

Skip the Cruise Control

If you are using cruise control and come across an icy patch, the cruise control could be your worst enemy, as it may keep your vehicle accelerating when it shouldn’t. Avoid using this feature on slick surfaces so you can maintain control over your vehicle.

We know that you will use common sense out on the roadways. However, if the weather is not kind to your vehicle, you can bring it to for maintenance and repairs.

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