Three Classic Country Songs Inspired by Cadillac

Few brands have captured the American imagination quite like Cadillac. From film to literature, Cadillac vehicles have appeared in high places — and sometimes low ones — across the country’s cultural history. It might be in the rich world of country music that the Cadillac shines brightest.

We’re all big fans of both good ol’ Americana country and a classic Cadillac here at ELCO Cadillac, so here’s our three favorite country songs inspired by Cadillac vehicles:

“The Ride” by David Allen Coe

Mr. Coe is “thumbing from Montgomery” when a stranger picks him up in an “antique Cadillac,” and the rest is country music history. From its deep, Southern riffs to its old-fashioned country-gothic lyrics, American music doesn’t get much better than “The Ride.”

“One Piece at a Time” by Johnny Cash

What list of Americana music would be complete without an entry from the one-and-only Johnny Cash? In this beloved hit, he pines for a “long and black” Cadillac of his own so deeply that he sneaks the car out of the factory in which he works, you guessed it, “one piece at a time.”

“Cadillac Red” by The Judds

Ladies, if you’re “full of high octane,” this one is for you. The Judds’ song is an homage to a mysterious and powerful red-haired woman, lovingly called “Cadillac Red,” and her adventures with her female comrades behind the wheel of a Cadillac of her very own.

If you also love these songs and find that their longing for a Cadillac calls out to you, visit us at ELCO Cadillac and take a look at our showroom

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