Cadillac Super Cruise: The Future of Driving

Cadillac is a leader in the industry, especially when it comes to vehicle technology. Cadillac Super Cruise is an example of the brand’s incredible innovation, as the hands-free driving system will revolutionize the way we drive. Providing safety and comfort to drivers, Cadillac Super Cruise is great for virtually anyone.

The Super Cruise system works using a combination of software to serve as your eyes and ears. There are driver assistance features like Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control, as well as OnStar® connectivity. Safety features can’t stand in for a driver; however, they can provide a level of safety like never before.

In order to highlight Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology during the 90th Academy Awards, the brand released an ad focused less on abstract ideas and more on the brand’s own technologies. “I kind of feel the public is tired of seeing these heavy, lofty ads,” explains Cadillac marketing director Renée Rauchut. “It just seems a little bit more honest right now in my opinion to focus on our products.”

The Super Cruise technology is only offered on certain CT6 models at the moment, although Cadillac has plans to expand the technology. This semi-autonomous system will also only work on certain divided highways, so there are a few criteria to meet before the technology will work.

Why wait for the automotive future to arrive when you can drive a Cadillac? Learn more about Super Cruise and the brand’s advanced features at ELCO Cadillac.

Cadillac CT6

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