Rethinking Standards: The Cadillac XT4 Debut

The long-awaited Cadillac XT4 is set to debut during the New York International Auto show at the end of the month, and the premium model promises to wow crowds. The XT4 will first make an appearance at the world-renowned Cadillac House in Manhattan on March 27 in anticipation of the show on March 30. The new model is a smaller crossover SUV that take many of the best aspects of existing models and combines them in one package. At ELCO Cadillac, we can’t wait to see what the Cadillac XT4 debut brings at the end of March.

According to Motor Authority, the XT4 will be the third SUV in the Cadillac lineup, as it will join its place alongside the XT5 and the Escalade. The XT5 is a mid-size model that has a combination of space and efficiency, while the Escalade is a full-size model with tons of seating, premier comfort, and the latest amenities. The XT4 is set to fit in a smaller segment, providing an urban-friendly ride and impressive handling.

“Cadillac in 2017 recorded its second-highest sales mark in the brand’s 115-year history, delivering 356,467 vehicles worldwide and resulting in a 15.5 percent sales increase year over year. That total should grow with so many new models on the way,” notes Viknesh Vijayenthiran at Motor Authority.

For more information about the upcoming Cadillac XT4, feel free to reach out to us at ELCO Cadillac.

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